In modern society communication services are, literally, the engine of progress. Without telecommunications, it is impossible to provide functioning economic, social and other spheres of society today. But all services in providing similar services in the territory of Ukraine demand to licence.

Rules for obtaining licence

License for communication services

The subject of managing shall obtain the licence if he intends to perform an activity in the field of, connected with establishment and functioning of telecommunication, radio receiving stations, service of networks of the leading broadcasting, providing in the lease of local, intercity and international communication lines and channels. The cellular, telephone network and the Internet communication enters the area of providing the specified services.

The procedure of registration of the licence for activity in the field of telecommunications, however, as well as for other types of business, needs strict observance of rules.

Among the list of licence requirements, allocate the following:

  • documentary confirmation of the financial possibility of the entrepreneur;
  • availability of certificates of the equipment;
  • availability of material and technical resources;
  • projects of creation and future work of telecommunication networks;
  • availability of means on the balance of the company;
  • employees with work experience and education in the field of telecommunications.

The optimal solution at registration of the licence

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7 reasons for benefit of cooperation with the Alt-Brayer company:

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  4. control of each stage of obtaining a licence;
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