The pension fund is the organisation created legally which purpose is the implementation of the activity connected with accumulation of pension contributions and the subsequent their management. Pension payments by such organisations are performed for the benefit of participants of the pension fund systematically and without delays.

Registration of the pension fundThe founder one or several legal entities which are beside can act as the only governing body of the fund.

The right to the implementation of contributions and receiving retirement benefits have as the faces possessing the Ukrainian nationality and nonresidents of the country.

Creation of the organisation is preceded by the certain number of preparatory stages:

  1. Carrying out a meeting of founders as a result of which the collective decision on the start of work on the fund is made is developed its charter and the form of future pension schemes. The minutes are made out. The charter and schemes pass the way of registration to the Commissions on the regulation of the markets of financial services.
  2. Registration of the pension fund in the status of the legal entity.
  3. Acquisition of the identification code by the fund from the Unified state register of the enterprises and organisations of Ukraine.
  4. Registration as the taxpayer.
  5. Production by the pension fund of the own seal.

Registration of the pension fund is the process of acquisition of the status of the legal entity by the organisation with all that it implies from these status obligations and the rights. For registration of organisation without fail it is necessary to collect the small, but demanding careful collecting folder of documents.

Necessary documents for registration of the pension fund

  • The establishment of the pension FundStatement of founders for the desire of giving of the organisation status of the legal entity.
  • The fund charter certified by the constituent assembly. (Give in 7 original copies.)
  • Documentary confirmation of the fact of payment of the state fee levied for rendering the state services.
  • The document providing exhaustive information on founders and representatives of the pension fund. The paper shall be certified by the signature of the chairman of the board.
  • The constituent documents of the organisation submitted in 3 copies. It can be the charter, the foundation agreement, any other document forming the basis for determination of its purposes and object of activity.
  • Providing printing information on the geographical arrangement of organisation with the exact indication of its actual address.
  • Documentary information about founders of the organisation. (2 copies of the document)
  • The reference confirming the fact of assignment to the future pension fund of individual taxpayer number. These references are issued by Fiscal service.

Pension fund at partnership of professionals

It is important to founder to understand that registration of the pension fund is only the beginning of the way. Further, the process of obligatory licencing in state structures is necessary to the organisation that also demands considerable time and certain finance costs.

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