From the moment of the basis and till present time the Alt-Brayer company is engaged in legal services in the field of corporate law by what our jurists render high-quality maintenance of registration of representative offices of the foreign companies in Ukraine.

Benefits of representation of the nonresident in Ukraine

Registration of the representative officeThe status of the representative office of the foreign company allows such forming to receive the number of tax and customs privileges and also gives essential benefits to working in the market of Ukraine.

In particular, having registered representative office of the foreign company, you receive the following bonuses for business in our country:

  • Unlike creation of the enterprise from 100% the foreign capital, it is not necessary to create authorised capital here;
  • As the representation has no status of the legal person, the organisation cannot independently plead the claimant or the defendant at arbitration court;
  • Employment of nonresidents in Ukraine does not demand to obtain

Complex of procedures for registration

Specialists of our firm will render you the qualified maintenance of procedure of registration of representative office of the foreign company in Ukraine, and also, will provide legal support of activity of such organisations in Ukraine. So, having addressed in “Alt-Brayer”, you can expect the following services:

  • registration of representation in Ministry of Economics of Ukraine;
  • inclusion in EGRPOU;
  • statement on tax accounting;
  • registration in the pension fund of Ukraine;
  • other accompanying services.

Obligatory documents

The list of documents which “participate” in registration of representation of the non-resident legal person in Ukraine:

  1. Registration of the representative office in KievThe statement about registration (original). It is carried out in the free form on the letterhead, contains the signature of the head of the company also the seal (is notarially certified). Also, it is necessary to specify:
    • name and address of the company, foundation date and field of activity;
    • phone number, fax;
    • the city in which the representation, with an indication of future location, will be open (address);
    • the number of foreigners who will be employed in representation;
    • bank name plus account numbers;
    • the intention of opening and sphere of work of representation (exclusively representative functions). In addition, it is necessary to specify about business communications with the Ukrainian partners and plans for maintenance and development of cooperation.
  2. The registration certificate of the firm (notarized) in which the legal address shall be specified. If it is absent – it is necessary to submit the document where it appears;
  3. The reference from the bank on the opening of the account (original). Here it is necessary to certify notarially the signature of the bank clerk who issued the document.
  4. The power of attorney (on the certain person) granting the right to perform representative functions in Ukraine (job responsibilities are also specified);
  5. In certain cases, additional documents which should be translated into Ukrainian can be requested and are certified by sealing the translator.

Above-mentioned documents are submitted to Ministry of Economics of Ukraine no later than in half a year from dating of their issue in the country of the location of the firm.

Official registration fee of representation

The size of the state fee forms Cabinet of Ministers, and at the moment for the considered service, it makes $2.500.

Registration of the representative officeTerms of registration

Ukraine will register representative office of the foreign company in 60 days. These terms are established from the moment of acceptance of papers for consideration. However, it is necessary to consider what is the time you will spend for collecting of necessary documents and studying of the algorithm of all procedure.

If address lawyers – you will save a lot of time, both on the stage of preparation and at the registration. Our jurists have maintenance of similar transactions, therefore, guarantee a fast positive result, and high-quality service during cooperation.