Registration of associationsSpecialists of the Alt-Brayer company provide consultations and legal services to subjects of business activities in the field of corporate law by what render maintenance of procedure of registration of unions. We will help to create on legal grounds union, corporation, holding and other types of the unions operating in all territory of Ukraine and abroad.

In effect, consolidation of the enterprises represents education as a part of two and more legal persons for the purpose of achievement of common goals. The provided form can be created as union, corporation, consortium, concern, and other consolidation of the firms provided by the current legislation.

Procedure of registration

Consolidation can be registered both for an indefinite term and for a while. Such forming by the legal entity where the firms created by the legislation of other states while the national enterprises can enter unions of the legal persons registered in other countries can enter is.

Procedure of registration of unions includes the following stages:

  • Determination of the name of consolidation;
  • Preparation of constituent documents;
  • Notarial authentication of the package of documents;
  • Registration in Public Administration;
  • Registration in Fiscal Service;
  • Representation of interests in Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Permission of AMK to co-ordinated actions, and another.

Obligatory papers for creation of consolidation of the enterprises:

  1. Association of enterprisesThe notarial copy of the statement from EGR or the registration certificate of the participant;
  2. Notarial copy of the certificate of inclusion in EGRPOU of the participant;
  3. Notarial copy of the charter of the participant;
  4. Protocols of meeting of owners concerning creation of consolidation;
  5. The passport copy and TIN numbers of the main officials of the company (the head, the accountant), and also persons who have powers to sign documents on behalf of founders;
  6. The documents confirming powers of certain persons to sign documents on behalf of founders;
  7. The written permission for the introduction in consolidation;
  8. The documents confirming absence of debt of participants of consolidation before the budget;
  9. The copy of balance of the participant certified corresponding by the seal.

Legal assistance

Our specialists accompany procedure of registration of unions on the most comfortable conditions for the client, adhering to all requirements of the customer. Lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company are capable of registering consolidation of any form for short deadlines. We will relieve you of paperwork together with what we will quickly provide a necessary result of very legal conditions.