Who has the authority to the registration of such document
The list of documents which are required for registration of residence permits in Ukraine
How to receive residence permit on the simplified procedure?
Residence permits in Ukraine for Russians
Terms and cost of registration of residence permit in Ukraine

Our legislation says: each foreigner coming to Ukraine can live here not longer than three months at each half of a year. Option quite acceptable for those who are going to solve some simple affairs or just to see relatives – three months it’s more than enough for this. Another thing if you need to stay in our country for long. In this case acquisition of the residence permit will be the most logical option for you.

“Alt-Brayer” has helped nonresidents to receive all types of the legal and lawyer aid for several years by now. One of the most popular services provided by our specialists is receiving the residence permit in Ukraine.
Residence permit

The residence permit in Ukraine, as we know, has two types – it can be temporary or permanent. Certainly, the temporary option is less “honorable”, than the document granting the right of full-time residence. The temporary format gives to nonresident the right to be in the country for a year after issuing of the residence permit – then it is necessary to visit migratory service and to prolong the term of the document. It is also worth considering that temporary format does not mean “accumulative system”.

In other words, the received document will grant to you the right to live in the country only within a calendar year, but not within 365 days which you could spend at any time, convenient for you. For this reason, it is more logical to think about the permanent format of the residence permit in the first place.

Cost of the residence permit in Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the residence permit can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Permanent residence permit A temporary residence permit
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Who has the authority to the registration of such document?

Residence permit to UkraineIt is well-known that the residence permit in Ukraine can be received in two ways. First one is using the quotas which are established by the state, and the second one is made out of the similar framework. Let’s talk about both options in more detail. The residence permit took within the quota will be available to you if:

  • You are the scientist or an artist, necessary for the state;
  • You are the qualified professional in the demanded industry;
  • You have invested the large amount of the Ukrainian economy;
  • You have relatives among the citizens of our country (brother, sister, grandfather or grandmother);
  • You already were the Ukrainian citizen earlier;
  • Your child, spouse, spouse or children already have the residence permit;
  • You got to us as the refugee and have lived here, at least, three years;
  • You are the victim of human trafficking and have official confirmation of this status.

The second option, that is, the option which is not limited to the quota can be offered you by the state if:

  • Your spouse has our country’s nationality AND you live in marriage for at least two years;
  • You have parents or children in our country;
  • You were born in the territory of the country and, respectively, by the right of the birth can apply for this document;
  • You are the trustee of the citizen of Ukraine or on the contrary – you are under its guardianship;
  • Your person is of the state interest.

The list of documents which are required for registration of residence permits in Ukraine

Obtain a residence permit in UkraineFor the foreigners who are going to take residence permit in Ukraine, the state develops a very impressive list of documents which will need to be brought to relevant instances. So, what these documents are?

  • correctly issued and legally correct application with the request to provide the relevant document;
  • the original of your passport plus the copy of those pages whom your personal data are specified;
  • these pages will need to be translated into Ukrainian and notarially assured;
  • permission to immigration and its copy which was certified by the notary. By the way, concerning this document, there are some nuances. It is necessary to receive it only to those foreigners who do not live in the Ukrainian territory and making the residence permit in Ukraine “from the outside”, from the territory of their own country. If you are the nonresident living in Ukraine, then you should already have permission;
  • four opaque photos of the established size;
  • the payment checks which will confirm that you have paid the state fee.

By itself, the provided list is not universal. The final list of documents is individual and is defined by that bases you want to carry out the registration.

How to receive residence permit on the simplified procedure?

“Alt-Brayer” offers you a much easier way to receive a residence permit in Ukraine. So what the essence of the simplified scheme? First of all, the list of documents which will be necessary for us from you is minimal.

Here what documents you need to bring if you are going to receive this status using our help:

  • a copy of your foreign passport;
  • the document which will prove your right to immigrate and apply for the residence permit;
  • documentation confirming that you have the housing and that you will be able to be registered there.

It is, actually, all of it. All other documents are for specialists of “Alt-Brayer” to deal with. All documents will be prepared by us in several working days then we will report them together with the request to relevant instances. Thus, the residence permit in Ukraine, together with “Alt-Brayer”, will take about an hour of your personal time.

Residence permits in Ukraine for Russians

Residence permit for RussiansResidence permit in Ukraine for citizens of the Russian Federation is one more popular service of “Alt-Brayer”. Not so long ago the scheme of receiving the Ukrainian residence permit by Russians was reviewed, and now this procedure became more difficult than was earlier.

If you not the specialist in the industry of migration law, it will be very difficult to understand the new orders for you. If you are going to receive the residence permit, address in “Alt-Brayer”, and we will provide any consultations for you, as well as will help to receive the residence permit in no time.

What is included in our services?

We are not only helping the clients to receive a residence permit in Ukraine on the simplified formula. Without exaggeration, “Alt-Brayer” has the maximum amount of services in the industry of migration law. What we always can offer to the clients is here:

  • consultations on all questions regarding the Ukrainian residence permit receiving;
  • the help in registration of the request and in the acquisition phase of permission to immigration;
  • we will help you to make the petition;
  • we will register all official payments and we will help to pay the state fee;
  • we will effectively represent your interests in migratory service, and also other instances in which you should make out residence permit in Ukraine.

Terms and cost of registration of residence permit in Ukraine

Speaking about the “traditional” scenario of receiving, then the situation is next: the document will appear to you every other day after application. But in practice, the terms can be much different.

As for rates, they are established by the Cabinet and constantly reviewed; so talking about the actual price is better when you will begin to make out residence permit in Ukraine.

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