The Alt-Brayer company provides a full range of services in the field of the transport law. The solution to any request of the car owner passes within the actual legislation and with the use of current trends in the field of law.Allows clients to win competent consultations and operational Services for car ownersassistance at the solution even of the most difficult situations considerably in time.

Today it is impossible to provide a life without motor transport, therefore, many thinks of an own four-wheel friend. However, the number of the documents necessary for registration of the car can frighten off even the biggest enthusiast. Also, you should not forget that for the use of the car it is, in addition, necessary to make auto numbers, to get the registration certificate on the car and the driver’s licence.

All this demands considerable efforts, time and money. But, having addressed to the Alt-Brayer company, you can receive as specifically taken service and complex service at which from you only the package of documents and the minimum presence will be required. After end — it will be possible to use safely the car on legitimate rights.

Consultations and services for car owners

Type of service
Registration of the car
Re-registration and removal from accounting
Temporary import of the vehicle
Purchase and sale of the car
Customs clearance of the car
Receiving and replacement of the registration certificate
Receiving and replacement of the car driver licence
Production and duplicates of auto numbers


Having signed the agreement of cooperation with lawyers of our company on the transport law, you receive:

  • consultations concerning required service;
  • operational and legally competent registration of all necessary documentation;
  • representation of interests in the relevant state instance;
  • fast providing a result.

Thus, the appeal to our firm will become the optimal variant for those who got used to receiving the result in the minimum terms. The saving of time and forces are the main advantages which are got by clients of our company. The wide experience in the field of registration of the car and special equipment, and also the professionalism of the team of specialists allows resolving even the most difficult questions quickly and qualitatively.