Documents for change of the surname
How to change the surname after divorce
How to change the surname after the marriage
How to change the surname to the child

According to the Ukrainian legislation, there is the number of the bases which grant the right or oblige to replace the surname and the name in the passport. It can occur in the following cases:

  • Surname changeChange of the Full Name at own will;
  • Change of the Full Name at adoption, cancellation of adoption, or recognition as invalid;
  • Change of the surname in connection with the marriage, divorce or recognition as invalid;
  • Change of the middle name by the person is more senior than 14 years in case of change by his father of the name, and also if the information about the father is excluded from the certificate of birth of the child.

According to such changes in the state register of the population, there is still the list of documents which should be replaced, namely:

  • Accounts in bank institutions, and also plastic and credit cards;
  • Documents on the property right;
  • Medical cards;
  • Registration and insurance of the car;
  • For students — the record book, the library and student ID card.

Above-mentioned actions which are not even limited to the visit of one instance and collecting of only one package of documents most often drag on for the long time. All of us know operating conditions of state structures in which it is constantly possible to observe huge long turns which do not come to an end even at the termination of the working day of organisation. Therefore, it will be more reasonable to provide the solution of these questions at once to lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company who have the adjusted algorithm of effective cooperation with all state structures that allows to solve quickly and competently problems of the client.

Cost of surname change

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Documents for change of the surname

To change the surname, the person who needs it, personally, or his authorised representative, shall submit the application to department of MS of the place of residence, and also the accompanying package of documents which changes depending on the reasons. Often, it precedes visit the campaign in Reg. office in which grant the marriage certficate, the changed certificate of birth, etc.

In particular, in the passport office as addition to the statement, and depending on the case, move:

  • Change the name in the passportthe passport which is subject to the exchange;
  • 2 photos of the standard size for the passport;
  • the documents confirming circumstances on the basis of which the passport certificateis subject to the exchange.

Your package of documents is considered within the month, after you receive the passport with new data.

Bases for refusal

  • if the applicant is under court, the consequence, the admin. observation;
  • if there is the outstanding or not removed criminal record;
  • official finding of the person in search by ours or other states;
  • submission of doubtful data;
  • submission of the incomplete list of papers.

How to change the surname after divorce

There are enough situations when after divorce girl wants to return the former surname. For the solution of this problem there are 2 ways:

  1. If spouses have disagreements concerning divorce, minor children, etc., divorce happens only through court. Further with the resolution on annulment of marriage it is necessary to visit the REGISTRY OFFICE, where to receive the divorce certificate. And only with this document, and also other necessary papers it is necessary to go to the passport office and to undergo the above-stated procedure;
  2. If divorce is performed by agreement, in the REGISTRY OFFICE to you will grant the certificate on termination of the union at once on the basis of what it is possible to go to the passport office and to change the surname.

Change the surname after the marriageHow to change the surname after the marriage

Procedure of change of the surname after the marriage is used in 80% of cases of the conclusion of marriages. It is performed quite simply, however everything depends on your ability to release free time for this purpose, and moral endurance for communication with representatives of the passport office.

As it was specified earlier, on the basis of the marriage certficate which issues the REGISTRY OFFICE, the citizen of Ukraine can change the surname. For this purpose it is necessary to write the application in department of MS in the place of registration, to provide the passport, 2 photos and the marriage certficate. Change of the surname after marriage will be performed the maximum in the month then you will is proud to bear “the second name” of the husband.

How to change the surname to the child

The person which reached 16 years can independently change the surname or the name, after 14 — only in the consent of parents. If one of parents died, is recognised by the missing person, restrictedly is capable or incapacitated, and also is deprived of the parent rights by court, there will be enough consent of the second. The written application of parents on change of the name and surname of the child moves them personally. But also submission of the notarised copy in cases of their absence on reasonable excuse is possible.

If both parents, having the child till 7 years, change the surname, then data of the child are also subject to change. After 7 years the consent of the child to such changes is obligatory.