Legal service of lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company includes services in the field of the transport law by what our jurists advise and help nonresidents to deliver the car on temporary accounting in Ukraine.

Our legislation establishes strict time frames and algorithm of the statement of vehicles on temporary accounting that makes difficulty for foreign guests often. For not to suffer from studying of all nuances of procedure, it is possible to address jurists of the Alt-Brayer company who will render the qualified assistance on the matter.

Terms of temporary crossing

Temporary account autoNonresidents of Ukraine can import the car on the territory of our state for 1 year at most. This period can be continued for 60 days in the presence of irresistible circumstances which have documentary confirmation. Ukrainians can also import the foreign car for 1 year with the possibility of prolongation for about 2 month periods. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • In writing to agree to export the car back;
  • In writing to declare import of the car;
  • Pay customs payments, it is correlative as when importing the TS.

Citizens of Ukraine, who on consular accounting, can import the car aggregate term for 60 days within the year at the obligation to declare and to export the car at the end of the established period. It is not necessary to pay customs payments here.

It is necessary to pay attention that transport which is imported into Ukraine for personal use more than for 2 months, it is necessary to register. Such procedure is performed in 10 days after crossing of the border. As a result — national numbers and documents on registration remain in temporary storage in bodies of MREO. In exchange, you get the auto numbers and the registration certificate with an indication of timeframes of import.

Rules of registration

The customs code says that the resident of Ukraine or the nonresident of any state has at the order 5 – 10 days to remove the car from the country or to deliver it on temporary accounting in MREO:

  • The foreigner has 5 days if the border is crossed within one regional customs;
  • at most 10 days it is possible to go by native numbers if the border is crossed in two different areas.

Statement on temporary accountingIf the vehicle was in Ukraine, the car owner purchases at customs the coupon of the payment for use of highways, thus paying a mandatory fee. After that, the coupon places in the right upper corner of the windscreen.

Only the resident of another country not less than 3 years can enter motor transport into Ukraine without payment of duties. For this purpose it is necessary to provide:

  • passport;
  • the document confirming the property right to the car not less than a year;
  • the document confirming legal stay in the country;
  • mark in the passport about the crossing of the Ukrainian border which will be delivered at customs.

At registration of the car in the MREO service centre, in the presence of the complete, correctly issued package of documents confirming the legal finding of the car in Ukraine, issue to the owner the temporary technical passport and temporary auto numbers.

But all this legislatively established information which in practice often does not correspond to the truth. But at cooperation with lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company, you receive result not only quickly, but also at the minimum personal intervention. We know all changes in the legislation, and also the procedure of statement of the car on temporary accounting from within that allows to resolve the issue effectively and hassle-free.