Services of the international company “Alt-Brayer” are provided do not come to an end with legal service especially. So, at cooperation with one of the leading insurance companies of Ukraine “PROSTO-strakhuvannya”, we have the opportunity to render maintenance of travel insurance for trips, both across Ukraine and for trip abroad, without involving to it intermediaries.

Travel insuranceTo visit many countries, the obligatory health insurance of the tourist is required. And really to save on “voyage” and not to worry about possible additional expenses, it is necessary to think of the similar document in advance. Abroad treatment is much more expensive than in Ukraine, and the difference between the insurance with the minimum covering and the policy of “all inclusive” makes real kopeks.

Differentiation of the insurance

The cost of the “tourist” policy depends on such factors:

  • insurance sum;
  • country of appointment;
  • duration of visit;
  • completeness of the program.

Considering these characteristics, the tourist is free to choose the suitable program independently. The insurance including the minimum medical care is the most widespread. Such policy for the CIS countries, Turkey, and Egypt it is possible to receive less, than for 10 UAH/days (acquisition by means of tour agencies – and that is cheaper). The guarantee of safety at a visit to the countries of Europe and the USA will cost slightly dearer.

Above-mentioned types of insurance are suitable for tourists who choose measured rest. For people who are not going to roll under the sun and wish to spend actively the weekend, insurers recommend taking care of the corresponding insurance as, in the case of the state of emergency, it is necessary to pay treatment from the pocket at once. And though “extreme” policies cost practically twice dearer, it guarantees you the help at contingencies and return of expenses.

How is it correct to choose the policy?

If your insurance is not included in the complete package from the tour operator, it is necessary to be engaged in it independently. For a start, it is necessary to find out whether the insurance To make travel insurancecompany in which you gather to buy the policy, in the embassy of the state interesting you is accredited. Also before acquisition of the insurance it is necessary to study terms of the contract, namely:

  • the fullness of the insurance coverage;
  • conditions of insurance;
  • the possible term of stay in the hospital;
  • the size of the franchise (bag which at the approach of the extraordinary event should be paid from the pocket).

So, the Alt-Brayer company providing insurance services, whether it be in the complex, whether it be separate, will in detail explain all conditions of insurance and will competently accompany this procedure. We co-operate directly with an insurance company that guarantees complete success and legality of the question, and also the safety of your movement and rest.