Automobile registration plates – the integral part of four-wheel “friend”. And, apparently, with them everything is simple: at registration of the car together with the registration certificate will issue you two brilliant plates, and it’s in the bag! But in practice with them, there can be the mass of difficulties, and in particular:

  • Vehicle number platesThere is no time to visit the MREO service centre for the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement (the direct re-registration) then, actually, and auto numbers are handed;
  • There is no opportunity to register the brand new car from salon, therefore, besides, numbers on the car are provided;
  • To current issues or the car, there was the unexpected situation, and registration plates need replacement;
  • Auto numbers rusted, grew old, the light-reflective covering exfoliated (the driver can be fined for it).

No matter, what for you represents complexity – to receive auto numbers, that is – to register the car, or to make their replacement, all these questions with ease will be settled by the lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company  occupied in the field of corporate law.

Benefits of obtaining auto duplicates

Obtaining duplicates is mainly best of all, than the restoration of car numbers, at that time. Replacement will allow to get new numbers and definitely not to be fined in the effect. And in particular, similar work can cost far dearer and take away more time, than the production of duplicates. The matter is that

  • at damage of auto number the light-reflective layer collapses, and again it is possible to put it only industrially;
  • In the case of the old rusted numbers painting state. Numbers will rescue the situation only for a short time while number does not begin to spoil again, therefore, the car owner will face the problem again where qualitatively to restore registration plate.

Professional complicity

Each conscious driver understands that registration plates by its car shall conform to the existing standards, and only the official manufacturer of auto numbers can provide it.

At the address to specialists of “Alt-Brayer”, you Car numberreceive the duplicate of numbers not through the doubtful company which literally “stamps” plastic plates, and directly from the MREO service centre where earlier from your name the request through our lawyers will come.

So, you should not suffer the question – where to go what documents to take with itself and how to fill in application forms. Everything that required from you is the documents on the car and proving the identity. Our lawyers will take care of all the rest, and literally in several days you get new numbers, the corresponding state to requirements.