Need of the work authorization in Ukraine
The work authorization for citizens of Ukraine
Permission to employment for the foreigner: help of lawyers

One of the main profiles of work of the international law company “Alt-Brayer” is the migration law. So, our lawyers render legal and consultancy services for national and foreign subjects, and Employment in Ukrainealso individuals in the field of registration and providing permission to employment in Ukraine.

The foreign persons who arrived in Ukraine and wishing to work officially in our country shall get first of all the work authorisation for themselves. Lack of the similar document threatens with the administrative responsibility for the employer (i.e. — the penalty), and also can mark deportation of the foreigner with the prohibition on entry into the country.

Need of the work authorization in Ukraine

Despite toughening of the legislation and input of new penalties, the number of the foreigners working in Ukraine without the permission remains pretty high in comparison with the number of officially employed immigrants.

Pretty often permission to employment is called temporary residence permit. Really, RP in our country can be gained on the basis of the work authorization, however in order to avoid confusion, it is necessary to specify that this procedure as follows looks:

  • For a start, it is necessary to get permission to employment which will be the basis for stay in the state;
  • Having permission, it is possible to make out RP because of providing the workplace to the immigrant in the Ukrainian company (1-year works, lasts for all declared term of work).

Cost of Work Permit in Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the Work Permit can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Work Permit in Ukraine
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Work permit in UkraineThe work authorization for citizens of Ukraine

On an equal basis with other foreigners, Ukrainians in another country also have the status of guests from abroad. And, considering international standards of employment, practically in all countries citizens of Ukraine for official work should have the work authorization.

Of course, directly permission to employment needs to be made out in the country providing you employment. However in return, lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” can advise you what references and documents it is necessary to submit from the native state and also where and how they can be taken. In addition to consultancy services, our lawyers can quickly and qualitatively accompany necessary procedure of obtaining the document that will save to you time and nerves.

Permission to employment for the foreigner: help of lawyers

So, what enters the range of services of the international company “Alt-Brayer” after registration of permission to employment of foreigners:

  1. Informing on the actual legislation of Ukraine;
  2. Consultation on questions of obtaining the required document, as “who provides the work authorization”, “what terms”, “necessary papers”, and so forth;
  3. Preparation of necessary papers in the approved form with their subsequent submission to job center;
  4. Employment of the foreigner in Ukraine.

The Alt-Brayer company without effort will be engaged in all efforts connected with the organisation of notarial authentication of necessary documents and their legalisation. We will provide the legal aid in How to get work permitobtaining references from tax structures, territorial job center, and also we will prepare the reasoned base of employment of the foreigner in the territory of Ukraine. Lawyers of the company will consult the client in details on the interesting questions, will analyze the package of documents, will prepare the contract between the foreign person and the employer.

In addition, you can address in “Alt-Brayer” for prolongation of already earlier received a document for employment of the foreigner in Ukraine, especially – received with our help.

 Examples of the documents received by company Alt-Brayer