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  1. Thomas

    Very glad I found this company! I needed a temporary residence permit. Lawyers of “Alt-brayer” all well and done quickly, was very surprised, in the shortest possible time. Thank you very much. Will still apply for anyone !

  2. Cristiano

    Last month came to Ukraine on car. Of course, I don’t know what to do with it and what documents I need to obtain to legally ride in the country. Advised to contact the “Alt-brayer”. In General, all I did was come to the customs office and signed the finished document. Besides, guys explained my rights and opportunities in Ukraine. Now everything is fine! Thank you!

  3. Jason Dercon

    I am a citizen of Lebanon, and I had to apply for temporary residence permit. Found this company online and decided to contact them. The office is very conveniently located – I enjoyed it very much, because I know Kiev not very well.
    Overall, the document issued to me very quickly. Then lawyers explained that I need to register the place of residence, and they also did it for me.
    Very satisfied with the cooperation, and if necessary I will contact you!

  4. Mike

    Hello everyone! I’m from Canada, came to Ukraine to work. According to your legislation, the work permit for me made the company, but I had to register. I am totally not familiar with this procedure, therefore, appealed to the “Alt-brayer”. The lawyers did everything in one day. Besides, I didn’t even need to look for an apartment. Very grateful!

  5. Thierno Diallo

    Before I met Alt-Brayer’s lawyers I was about to give up to everything I was engaged in including my studies and make my way back home, but after a strong and honestly efficient assistance, I got all my issues resolved in just 2 weeks. I continue to live legally in Ukraine without worrying about someone from my school knocking on my door.
    Alt-Brayer and its lawyers are DIAMOND comparing to those I’ve seen prior to meeting them.
    If a foreigner wants help for any kind, predominately an immigration-related question do not hesitate to contact Alt-Brayer because they are HONEST.
    Thanks to you all and may God bless you.

  6. Ibo

    Good day! I am a citizen of Turkey. 2 years ago I was married to a Ukrainian, and lawyers of the “Alt-brayer” helped me get on the basis of a residence permit. At the same time I didn’t have to go anywhere and collect any papers. Thank you very much!!

  7. Adam

    Thank u guys! Now i’m Ukrainian!

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